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Wireless and Mobile Comunications (WMC)

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Advanced Wireless Communications Страна
Advanced Wireless and Mobile Networks Страна
Radio Mobile Communications Страна
Wireless Multimedia Networks Страна
Design and Implementation of Telecommunication Services Страна
Design of Telecommunication Networks Страна
Experimental and Development Platforms in Telecommunications Страна
Cooperative Communications Страна
Мanagement of Multimedia Networks and Services Страна
Nanonetworks Страна
Advanced Internet Technologies Страна
Advanced Telecommunications Networks Страна
OFDM and MIMO Technologies for Broadband Systems and Standards Страна
Application of Optimization Methods in Wireless Communications Страна
Reconfigurable Networks Страна
Simulation of Telecommunications Systems Страна
Next Generation Optical Networks Страна
Software Defined Networking Страна
Statistical Signal and Array Processing Страна
Communication Protocol Engineering Страна
Teletraffic Engineering and Network Planning Страна
Information Theory Страна
Coding theory and security communications Страна
Research Techniques Applied in Telecommunications Страна
Research Project in the Field of Wireless and Mobile Communications Страна
Innovation and Transfer of Technologies Страна
20 - Wireless and Mobile Communications (20-WMC) Страна
Strategic Planning for Telecom and Internet Innovations Страна
Applied Support Schemes for Renewables and Energy Efficiency Страна