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Трага: Дома I Циклус Огласи за вработување Оглас за млад истражувач во Институтот Јозеф Стефан од Љубљана, Словенија

Оглас за млад истражувач во Институтот Јозеф Стефан од Љубљана, Словенија

Рок на аплицирање: до 18 август 2014

Young researcher position at the Jozef Stefan Institute (Ljubljana, Slovenia)


We are looking for a candidate for a young researcher position (with all employment benefits, health and pension insurance) at the Department of knowledge technologies at the Jozef Stefan Institute. The candidate would become a doctoral student of ICT at the Jozef Stefan International Postgraduate School under the supervision of Professor Sašo Džeroski and work in the area of machine learning/ data mining. Potential topics include structured-output prediction, mining data streams, semi-supervised learning, and mining network data, and their use in the areas of medicine/ life-science and ecology/ environmental sciences.

We are looking for strongly motivated candidates interested in working with world-leading researchers in an excellent research environment.

The work will be related to prestigious international research projects selected for funding by the European Union in extremely competitive calls. The project MAESTRA (http://maestra-project.eu/) was ranked best at the FET Open XTrack call for most ambitious and visionary projects n the area of ICT (among 318 proposals, 8 were selected for funding). The subproject SARSCARUB of the Human Brain Project (HBP, http://www.humanbrainproject.eu/) was ranked best among the proposals on the topic "Novel methods for rule-based clustering of medical data" (among 87 proposals, 2 were selected for funding). HBP is one of the two "FET Flagship" research projects, which the EU is proud of and will finance in the next 10 years. The projects MAESTRA and HBP are part of the programme FET - Future and Emerging Technologies, financed by the EU under the branch "Excellent science".

Required completed level of education: MSc (2nd degree Bologna), to be completed by SEP 10, 2014 at the latest

Deadline for applications: 18 AUG 2014 (Note that an original signed application form has to physically arrive at the Jozef Stefan Institute by this date and thus has to be posted sufficiently early.)

Contact: Saso.Dzeroski@ijs.si

The original call for applications in Slovene can be found at http://www.ijs.si and its English translation at http://www.ijs.si/..



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