Inspection body for electrical devices, installations and equipment

Within the Faculty, in order to improve the cooperation with the economy and the implementation of scientific knowledge in the applied activity, in 2013 an Inspection Body for electrical equipment, installations and equipment was established. The inspection body is accredited by the Accreditation Institute of the Republic of Macedonia (IARM), with Decision no. IT 074 from 11. 9. 2013, in accordance with the requirements of the standard MKS EN ISO / IEC 17020: 2012, type A.

The vision of the Inspection Body is to achieve a level of quality in the application activity of the Faculty that will provide domestic and international recognition, and its mission is to perform inspection activities in accordance with national and international standards and regulations using modern methods and equipment and meeting needs and requirements. of users.

In December 2015, by the Ministry of Economy of R. Macedonia, and based on the accreditation of the Inspection body, a Decision was issued for fulfillment of the conditions for performing technical inspections and periodic tests of power plants, electrical products and devices, which increased the opportunities for qualitative improvement of the application activities and increased utilization of technical, and especially the professional opportunities of the Faculty.

In April 2016, the Ministry of Economy, also based on the accreditation of the Inspection body, issued a Decision to the Faculty authorizing it to perform a conformity assessment for electromagnetic compatibility.

The Inspection body performs its activities through the following areas of inspection:

  1. Low voltage (LV) electrical installations, lightning installations and earthing;
  2. Earthing of power plants with nominal voltage above 1000 V;
  3. Means for protection at work in energy plants;
  4. High voltage equipment: electric generators, motors, power transformers;
  5. High voltage equipment: measuring transformers;
  6. Electrical protection of energy equipment;
  7. Measurement of electromagnetic fields;
  8. Telecommunications;
  9. Fiscal equipment and systems, electronic and information communication equipment and
  10. Control of electromagnetic influences on and from electrical equipment.

Head of the inspection body is prof. Vlatko Stoilkov, PhD.