Career Centre

The Career Centre at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (FEEIT) represents a bond between our students and the business community.

In addition, we work with three groups of students, which are as follows: students-to-be, present students and undergraduate students at the Faculty. Regarding the future students, we present them with study possibilities at the Faculty, we provide guidance regarding the choices they need to make, and we assist them in the admission process. Also, the Career Centre assists the enrolled students in the employment process both in public and/or private institutions depending on their skills and acquired know-how and in accordance with their personal affinities. We also provide them with a practical curriculum both in the country and abroad. The Centre also assists in providing training for the students in interested companies, so that they become equipped with practical, hands-on experience in this process. 

Our Mission 

The mission of FEEIT’s Career Centre is as follows:

· Assisting in providing career guidance for our current and future students;

· Facilitating in creating permanent bonds between students and the business community;

· Promoting the Faculty in the labour market;

· Helping students in the transition process from an academic environment to professional employment;

· Alleviating the access process of students to newly opened positions. 

About the Centre 

The Centre participates in the organization of obligatory practical curriculum, the purpose of which is creating a generation of experts who will be able to apply contemporary innovative techniques and technologies. 

Furthermore, the Centre assists the students in planning, identification and implementation of their career goals.

It provides information about employment opportunities and the conducting of a practical curriculum. 

Furthermore, It informs the students about mobility programs and it facilitates the application coordination process for student’s stay in higher-education institutions in the EU ( Mobility Programme).

The Career Centre organizes a promotion at the Faculty for future students, thus including the media in the process and/or arranged career events at the Faculty or other higher-education institutions (Information about abiturients).

Also, it assists the students in the enrolment process in all study cycles.

The Career Centre organizes workshops and seminars with the aim to provide guidance to students when they prepare their CVs, for the presentation of their qualifications, skills, etc.

It also organizes events which assist students in applying for an interview with potential employers and we also organize visits to companies and institutions. 

Also, the Centre fosters and maintains continuous partnerships with employment companies in the Republic of Macedonia (

Last but not least, it tracks a record of previous (alumni) students and it involves them in various activities in the Centre. 


Toni Mandjukovski M.Sc.

Head of the Career Centre

Phone: + 00 (389) (0)2 3099183