Laboratory of Computer Technologies and Engineering

The beginning of the Laboratory of Computer Technologies and Engineering dates back to the time when the Institute was established as Laboratory of Computer Technologies and Engineering (LCTE).  Following this period, once the Institute was established, laboratory activities in the field of Computer Technologies and Engineering (CTE) have been transferred at the Faculty Centre for Data Processing (FCDP). Due to the specifics fostered at the Institute for CTE and the recent developments, a new specialized laboratory has been activated in 2019 to deal with the educational, research and scientific activities.

The following activities are taking place at the CTE laboratory: laboratory exercises in the field of computer networks, Internet of things, computer and network security, hardware design, embedded systems, modern computer architectures, cluster systems, cloud systems, machine learning, algorithms for big data processing, etc. Furthermore, the knowledge that has been obtained during these exercises by the students has been applied in the design of practical projects in their course of studies. Except for Bachelor studies, the Laboratory of CTE also provides for execution of various activities including simulation, testing, examination and large-scale system and data processing within the Master and PhD studies of the CTE Institute.

Laboratory of CTE

 Laboratory exercise at the Laboratory of CTE

With regards to hardware equipment, the Laboratory of CTE is equipped with the following: 10 work stations managed by an adequate server and software, complete hardware equipment for computer networks including: 10 VPN access routers, 10 Edge switch devices, 2 Stackable Gigabit switch devices, 2 Virtex-7 VC709 FPGA evaluation boards, 2 Virtex-5 ML505 FPGA evaluation boards, 14 complete RaspberryPi systems for embedded systems, a few Arduino systems, computer systems with Nvidia Titan XP graphic card for large-scale data processing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine and deep learning, etc.

Server and graphic Nvidia Titan XP

Fujitsu server, work stations, Allied Telesis network equipment

Allied Telesis network equipment
RaspberryPi systems
Графичка картичка Nvidia Titan XP
Virtex-7 VC709 FPGA evaluation board
Virtex-5 ML505 FPGA evaluation board
Laboratory of CTE-equipment