Call for SME-driven prototypes by INNOFEIT DIH

Последна измена: July 19, 2022

INNOFEIT DIH launches an open call for joint development of prototypes in the area of Internet-of-Things (IoT) with interested SMEs. The focus is on enhancing the level of cooperation between the DIH and the SMEs towards development of novel and innovative solutions that can be subsequently commercialized. INNOFEIT DIH is co-financed by the Fund for Innovations and Technology Development (FITD) and is currently in the last stage of equipping the first IoT laboratory in the country. With the call for prototypes selection, the laboratory is opening its doors for the industry and strives to become a cornerstone for development of innovative products by local SMEs. INNOFEIT’s experts offer their technical expertise, INNOFEIT DIH provides rapid prototyping, testing and optimization facilities, whereas interested SMEs should add value by offering market-relevant and market-needed ideas that can address different verticals. The goal is to obtain complete and sustainable end-to-end IoT-based solutions, which will contribute towards overall digital transformation in the society. Details for the call can be found in the flyer below and more information are available at