Completed: Summer School for Multimedia Technologies – Diogenes 2.0

Објавено: October 31, 2023

The curtains have closed on another chapter of the Summer School for Multimedia Technologies, this year named “Diogenes 2.0 – Detection of People in Indoor Spaces”. Hosted by DIPteam and the Institute of Electronics, this year’s edition took place from September 25 to September 30, 2023.
In the competition, 16 undergraduate students teamed up to form six teams of 2 or 3 members each. Throughout the school’s action-packed days, the students dove into the worlds of multimedia technologies, computer vision, and deep learning, expanding their theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Each team rolled up their sleeves and trained a neural network for people detection, and an algorithm for post-processing the results.
The grand finale was a showdown on the last day of the summer school, where students tested their creations on six challenging videos featuring the competitors themselves as lead actors. The competition was fierce, and victory hung in the balance. The winners’ reveal happened on October 4, followed by a celebration and casual gathering of the participants, organizers, and lecturers at one of the local cafes.

Cheers to the champions: Blagoja Savevski, Ivan Jovanovski, and Jovan Stojkovski!
Securing the second spot with a mere 3% difference in accuracy are Tijana Petkovska, and Filip Bojadzievski.
Claiming the third position with a 7% difference in accuracy are Ana Sofronievska, and Kristijan Danov.

Take a look at the photos below to see the organizers, participants and winners!
For a visual journey behind the scenes of the competition and the award ceremony, click here.
Stay tuned for more adventures and learning experiences at the Summer School of Multimedia Technologies with DIPteam!

The participants and organizers of the Diogenes 2.0 Summer School

 The winning team: Blagoja Savevski, Ivan Jovanovski, and Jovan Stojkovski