Course “Valence: Machine Learning and Data Science for High Schools” held in FEEIT FabLab

Објавено: March 29, 2023

As a final activity of the Erasmus+ project Valence at FEEIT in the period March 20 – 22, 2023 a 3-day course on “Machine Learning and Data Science for Secondary Schools” was held. The course was held as a part of the activities of FEEIT FabLab and was attended by 56 high school students from “Ilinden”, “Rade Jovchevski Korchagin”, “Orce Nikolov”, “Mihailo Pupin”, “Nikola Karev” and “Zef Ljush Marku”.
In the course, professors Zhivko Kokolanski, Stefan Zlatinov, Tomislav Kartalov, Marija Markovska Dimitrovska, Gorjan Nadzhinski and Branislav Gerazov gave introductory lectures on various topics from the field of machine learning and data science. The lectures were based on the teaching material for machine learning and data science intended for secondary schools that was created within the framework of the Valence project. The whole curriculum is available on Github in multiple languages, including: English, Macedonian, Slovenian, Serbian, and Albanian.
The course was supported by the IEEE Section of N Macedonia through its departments: the Joint Department for Signal Processing and Engineering in Medicine and Biology (SP/EMB), the Joint Department for Electronic Components, Instrumentation and Measurements, Semiconductors circuits (ED/IM/SSC), as well as the IEEE Life Member Affinity Group (LM80077).