FEEIT hosts another edition of RoboMac and RoboMac Junior in 2024

Објавено: April 23, 2024

The 12th edition of RoboMac and the 4th edition of RoboMac Junior officially started at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (FEEIT). About 115 participants – students and high school students – take part in the two RoboMac events. RoboMac 2024 is an international competition, seminar and student conference in the field of robotics, electronics, automation and artificial intelligence. The final competition in all categories will be held on the 27th April, 2024. The bearers of the event are the Macedonian section of IEEE, through its student branch at UKIM, and FEEIT, in co-organization with the Faculty Student Assembly at FEEIT.

Working in teams, students have the opportunity to use their theoretical knowledge and practical skills, to upgrade and improve them and to cooperate with students from the country and abroad, in order to win the first place in their category. Participants will compete in the following categories: Sence the Color, Select the Line > Design from scratch a line follower with color sensing abilities, AI Football > Program intelligent agents to find and eliminate opponents in a dynamic environment, Robotic Arm Challenge > Combine robotics and machine vision to accurately sort objects, The ChatBot Challenge > Command your ChatBot to victory in this speech-driven robotics competition and Self-Racing Cars > Program and unleash NVIDIA JetBots for self-racing car showdown. In addition, they will have the opportunity to attend lectures in these areas.

As a parallel event to RoboMac 2024, the competition for high school students, RoboMac Junior 2024, is being organized for the fourth time. The competition brings 54 fourth-year students from 26 secondary schools from R. N. Macedonia, divided into 2 categories.