FEEIT Ranking Among the Best European Faculties with International Accreditation

Последна измена: July 21, 2022


FEEIT with its seven student programs is the first and only higher-education institution in the country with international accreditation.
The international accreditation of the study programs has been granted on the part of ASIN – German agency for accreditation of study programs in the field of technical sciences, information technology, natural sciences and mathematics.
By means of this international accreditation, FEEIT has confirmed its European orientation and proved its quality with the structure and contents of its study programs, the way lectures have been performed, working conditions, quality lecturers, science and research activity as well as mechanisms for quality control.
These are all the reasons why ASIN, which is authorized by ENAEE – the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education – having the authority to grant the European certificate EUR-ACE, has granted its accreditation to FEEIT.  Hence, FEEIT diploma/ certificate is now officially accepted in Europe.
For all FEEIT’S present and students-to-be, this means that the EUR-ACE certificate:

  • Provide guaranty that FEEIT’s study programs meet all European and international standards as they are recognized on the part of European employers;
  • Alleviate the application process for M.A studies in Europe;
  • Enables them to become certified engineers in countries where the engineering profession is regulated.