FEEIT Team Enters the Final Phase of the Global Youth Challenge: ‘Generation Unlimited’

Последна измена: January 21, 2020

About 50 young innovators have participated over the past weekend within the frame of the three- day workshop entitled ‘The Challenge – Generation Unlimited’ organized and implemented by the ‘Smart-Up Laboratory for Social Innovation’, with complete financial and space support by UNICEF and ‘Telecom for Macedonia Foundation’: https://www.genunlimited.mk/.


This is an international event which will take place in 40 countries this year, where young people are engaged to provide digital solutions for eliminating of barriers which handicapped children and youngsters are faced up with in the process of their education and everyday life. Hence, youngsters participating at this event are summoned to provide innovative solutions to the question: ‘How can digital technology provide a proactive involvement of children and youth in the process of education and everyday life?’.