INNOFEIT DIH held its first workshop

Објавено: April 5, 2022

INNOFEIT DIH held its first workshop within the project “Capacity strengthening of the Digital Innovation Hub – INNOFEIT”, co-financed by the Fund for Innovations and Technology Development (FITD) of N. Macedonia. The goal of the workshop was to inform INNOFEIT’s partner network about current project activities on networking, international contacts, development of the digital web-platform for centralization of all activities and the facilitation of service access to INNOFEIT, FEEIT or any of their partners. Special emphasis in the workshop was put on the practical demonstration of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) laboratory at INNOFEIT DIH, which is the first operational IoT laboratory/platform in the country. The laboratory will be used by the FEEIT/UKIM academic staff and students to develop novel and innovative digital solutions, but is also open to all interested companies for digital transformation and technology transfer. Discussions were raised on the procured equipment as well as the possibilities to develop laboratory prototypes. The laboratory will be a central place to stimulate economy based on knowledge and innovations and, especially, on technology transfer from academia to the industry on a national, regional and international level.
The R&D focus of the INNOFEIT DIH is on applicative ICT services based on networked IoT systems for future digital societies. This is tightly correlated with the smart specialization strategy of the country. INNOFEIT is the first and the only fully operational DIH in the country.