Innovative Student Projects from the INNO SAE Programme Presented

Последна измена: March 12, 2020

About thirty students from a few different Faculties of the ‘Ss Cyril and Methodius’ University – Skopje have presented their innovative projects from the student programme entitled ‘Innovations in Smart Anything Everywhere – INNO SAE’, which have been presented at the Centre for Transfer of Technologies and Innovation (INOFEEIT). .

Among the dignitaries who have been present at the opening ceremony were the President of the Republic of North Macedonia, H.E. Mr. Stevo Pendarovski and the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (FEEIT) –  Professor Dimitar Taskovski, Ph.D.

In addition, the Dean- Mr. Taskovski has emphasized that ‘The main goal of INOFEEIT is to provide a closer co-operation between the educational institutions and the business. This event represents a minor contribution for the purpose of development of innovative solutions of students from different faculties at ‘Ss Cyril and Methodius’ University. However, it is also necessary for us to transform and to be made available to both the society and the economy by means of providing of new technological solutions. We are equipped with twenty-five researchers and we are eager to include young students in the research process, thus enabling them to create innovations’.

President Stevo Pendarovski in his address stressed that nowadays ‘It is rare to find this kind on inter-institutional and inter-faculty co-operation and that having such an interdisciplinary approach is quit productive’. He also added that other universities in the country should follow this kind of a pioneering approach and example. President Pendarovski also stated: ‘Lets give a chance, space, time and resources to this young minds and all we need to do is just follow them’.

The President also addressed the current situation and the policy of that state with regards to education and science, and estimated that the state is providing impermissibly little for education itself, and that the affairs are even worse when it comes to financing and providing budget for research and development.

Furthermore, the student programme Innovations in Smart Anything Everywhere (INNO-SAE 2019) represents an initiative of INOFEEIT for the purpose of presenting the innovative capacity of the students of the ‘Ss Cyril and Methodius’ University. In addition, guided by the basic principles of the program, the original and innovative ideas and advanced solutions, seven interdisciplinary teams have been selected from the University.

In these teams, students who have participated are coming from the following Faculties: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (FEEIT), Faculty of Information Technologies and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Philosophy as well as the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food.

Students have developed diverse applications such as Place to GO, which proved for fast and efficient overview of places of interest for the user with a possibility of table reservation. SMART-ORDERS is an application for alleviating of restaurant engagement by generating of unique  QR codes, which users can use in order to make an order. Smart Extractor is a completely automatic solution for extraction of essential oils and its function is based upon distillation under water vapour.  SMMEF application is efficient and cheap sensor solution for surveillance of water streams at home, which can be integrated into a complete IoT solution for a smart home. e-TT е web-based platform which provides for an easy and simple communication of clients with psychological experts, who can provide an on-line advise. A.D.A is a IoT solution for surveillance of ambience parameters for vineyard units that can alleviate the cultivating and production  process of quality grapes and wines. Last but not least, MacSign represents a two-way communication system which provides for quality conversion of a Macedonian text into Macedonian sign language and vice versa.