Students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies won the main awards at the ICAMES competition in Turkey

Објавено: May 12, 2023

From May 2nd to May 8th, 2023, the 27th edition of ICAMES (International Cultural and Academic Meeting of Engineering Students) was held in Istanbul, Turkey, organized by the Society of Engineers from Boğaziçi University. This event represents a competition of engineering projects, in which projects from all engineering disciplines made by undergraduate students are presented. Students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (FEEIT) participated in the competition this year and the project “SolBerries: A Dual Purpose Use of Arable Land with Agrivoltaics and Raspberry Cultivation in Polog, Macedonia”, made by students Angela Meshkova, Emilija Naumoska, Stefan Merdjanoski, and Milosh Miloshevic under the mentorship of teaching and research assistant Aleksandar Krleski, won the main award for the best presentation. With this, FEEIT students continue the longstanding tradition of winning awards at international competitions. This year, student teams from several countries, including China, Italy, Ukraine, Turkey, Cyprus, Canada, Jordan, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and North Macedonia participated in ICAMES 2023. The projects that competed this year aimed to provide contributions, innovative methods, and sustainable solutions for the realization of the concept of “Smart cities”.

The success of our students is a result of their knowledge, persistence, and desire to demonstrate what they know and can do. With this, FEEIT shows that it continues to create and support quality students who will be an inspiration to younger colleagues. The students received support from Assistant Professor Dr. Maja Celeska Krstevska, who initiated their participation in this competition, and the dean of the faculty, Professor Dr. Dimitar Taschkovski.