Successful Sustainable Energy Day at FEEIT

Објавено: June 27, 2024

The Sustainable Energy Day at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (FEEIT) was organized as a part of the European Commission global initiative Sustainable Energy Days with the objective of promotion of clean energy, sustainability and energy efficiency. The event was held on 20 June 2024, starting from 11:00, at the premisses of the Centre for Technology Transfer and Innovations – InnoFEIT at FEEIT.

The event started with overview presentations of projects in which FEEIT staff is involved and which are financed by various EU programmes. We’ve had excellent presentations of the TRANSIT, INITATE, evolvEV, R2D2 and SEETheSkills projects. The presentations were focused on project objectives and current activities of FEEIT staff within the projects. We’ve had the opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas for future cooperation.

            The TRANSIT project presented the rewards for best drawing by children aged 7 -11 years, the best master thesis on the topics of energy transition/sustainability or renewable energy sources and the company with highest contribution to sustainability and renewable energy use.

            Students’ activities related to the topic were also presented. Namely, a group of students presented the project “Integration of Green Hydrogen and PV Technologies for Sustainability in Healthcare”. The students Emilija Zumrova, Emilija Cheshmedzievska, Ana Gjorgieva, Pavel Tasevski and Nikola Tasevski have worked on a technical solution for a hybrid system consisted of PVs and fuel cells. The concept solution should provide green hydrogen and oxygen for the Institute for lung disease “Kozle”. The project is an example of an interdisciplinary approach for environmental protection and technology transfer in the health sector.

            Furthermore, two student groups presented the ideas for the sustainable practices challenge at FEEIT. The following concepts were presented:

  • Energy efficient gym by Marko Donevski, Elena Todorova, Viktorija Projkva and Matej Dabeski and
  • Integration of photo-bio reactors on the FEEIT facade, by Stefanija Lazarovska, Bojana Ilieva and Metodija Mihajlovski.

Both groups were praised by the audience for their ideas, especially as the groups were comprised by students in the second year of their studies.

The objective of the event was to increase the visibility of ideas and work done by FEEIT staff and students, to contribute to sustainable and “green” practices as well as to discuss the potential implementation of creative, feasible and interdisciplinary solutions which will contribute in evolving of our Faculty as a model for sustainability and energy efficiency in our community.

The event was supported by FEEIT and the Macedonian section of IEEE.