Successfully implemented scientific research project “Methods of prediction and their application”

Последна измена: June 23, 2023

In 2022 the research team of FEEIT has successfully completed the scientific research project “Methods of prediction and their application” financed by the integrative funds of UKIM for 2022/2023. The research work in the project is a follow-up to the long-term research of a part of the project team. The research work in the project proposal was divided into several parts: graph theory, data set analysis, and dynamical systems, and the following objectives were set:

  • From a graph theory perspective nanotori structures were analyzed. Nanotori are cubic graphs that are embedded on a torus and all their faces are hexagons. In recent years, these structures have been very interesting as they describe an infinite class of molecules that have a wide variety of properties. Nanotori are also interesting because of their small diameter, so they are used for interconnecting computer components. There are several methods for constructing nanotorus graphs; all require three or four parameters.
  • Analysis of different data sets. The project aimed to analyze data sets that have not been analyzed before and are of great importance for certain purposes or communities. To achieve these goals cooperation with researchers from other faculties of UKIM and companies is foreseen. The research was done on three topics: air quality in Skopje, the quality of life of people with MS in Macedonia, and models for mass valuation of real estate.

The following results emerged from the research carried out within the framework of the scientific research project:

  1. The diameter of the nanotori graphs was determined as a function of the parameters that define them.
  2. All the distances in a nanotorus graph are determined, and as a follow-up in the future, some more important topological indices that depend on the distances in the graph would be determined.
  3. During the analysis of the air quality in Skopje, several aspects were analyzed such as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, i.e. the restrictions on the movements to the pollution, the impact of green areas on the concentration of PM, the impact of the ban on burning waste, the impact of the change in the price of electricity, etc.
  4. The quality of life of people with MS in Macedonia was analyzed. There are about 1,500 patients with MS in Macedonia and so far no analysis has been done on their quality of life, accompanying diseases, number of hospitalizations, or therapy they receive. Analyzed data were obtained from a standardized international questionnaire answered by more than 250 patients with MS. These analyzes are part of a more extensive study that deals with the quality of life of patients with MS from two different aspects: from the patient’s point of view and from the aspect of the healthcare system in Macedonia. Given that this is the first such study in Macedonia, it would be of great importance, first of all for people with MS, and then for the health system when creating health policies.
  5. A model was created for the mass valuation of real estate for parts of the city of Skopje, while explicitly incorporating the spatial factor. The research also focuses on the application of the data that the Cadastre Agency registers as real estate transactions that take place in the country, and which are the only official and relevant source of data.
  6. Fractional Fourier transform and Short-time fractional Fourier transform are analyzed. An asymptotic analysis of the same in spaces of generalized functions was made and several Abel and Tauber results were obtained.

The results of the project were published in scientific journals or presented on international conferences:

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  • Srbinovska, A. Krkoleva Mateska, M. Celeska Krsteska, V. Andova, Location impact on particulate matter (PM) concentration reduction during COVID-19 pandemic, ICEST 2022 (57th International Conference on Information, Communication and Energy Systems and Technologies), June 2022, Ohrid, Macedonia.
  • Srbinovska, V. Andova, A. Krkoleva Mateska, M. Celeska Krsteska, M. Cundeva-Blajer, M. Kutirov, M.Majstorovski, Quantifying the Impact of Meteorological Factors and Green Infrastructure Location on Particulate Matter (PM) Mitigation in North Macedonia Using Sensor Collected Data to appear in Measurments: Sensors.
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