Advanced Internet Technologies

Објавено: April 28, 2021

Course Title: Advanced Internet Technologies

Code: ФЕИТ10014

ECTS points: 6 ЕКТС

Number of classes per week:3+0+0+3

Lecturer: Prof. d-r. Toni Janevski

Course Goals (acquired competencies): After completion of the course Advanced Internet technologies the student is expected to know to perform deeper technical analysis of Internet technologies. It is expected to be able to create advanced Internet networks, protocols, services and applications. Also, it is expected to be ready to deal with scientific-research work in the field of advanced Internet technologies.

Subject of the course contentAdvanced Internet architectures and technologies. Internet protocols, IPv6. DNS-ENUM. Advanced techniques for routing and multicast. QoS in Internet, MPLS and traffic engineering, resource reservation, differential services, scheduling, policing, queuing. Measurements and modeling of Internet traffic. Multimedia IP communications, streaming audio and video over Internet. Peer-to-peer technologies. Internet telephony, SIP, H.323. Mobility in Internet (Мobile IP, nomadic mobility). Context-aware services, instant messaging, IPTV. HIP (Host Identity Protocol).


Required Literature
No. Author Title Publisher Year
1. Toni Janevski NGN Architectures, Protocols, and Services John Wiley & Sons 2014
2. Behrouz A. Forouzan TCP/IP Protocol Suite – Fourth Edition Mc-Graw-Hill 2010
3. Henry Sinnreich, Alan B. Johnston Internet communications using SIP: Delivering VoIP and multimedia services with Session Initiation Protocol – Second Edition Wiley Publishing 2006
Additional Literature
No. Author Title Publisher Year
1. IETF standards and documents Request For Comments (RFC) IETF
2. ITU standards and documents, 3GPP standards ITU recommendations, 3GPP recommendations ITU, 3GPP
3. IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE Network, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking Papers from IEEE journals IEEE