Последна измена: October 25, 2019

Course Title: English

Code: 3ФЕИТ12З003

Number of credits (ECTS): 3

Weekly number of classes: 2+1+0+0

Prerequisite for enrollment of the subject: None

Course Goals (acquired competencies): The course is designed to equip the students for active use of English in academic and scientific registers.
Take responsibility for personal results and shared responsibility for collective results.
Allow for professional approach to independent participation in specific scientific and interdisciplinary discussions.
Make pertinent assessments, taking into consideration personal, social, scientific and ethical aspects.

Total available number of classes: 90

Course Syllabus:

a) Study-specific topical reading materials
b) Lexical, morphological and syntactic elements:
– Words: composition, derivation, type
– Nouns and noun phrases, international engineering terminology, polysemantic terminology (specific, idiomatic, metaphorical, etc.), Greek and Latin roots
– Adjectives and adverbs
– Verbals: infinitive, participle, gerund
– Sentences: simple, compound, complex
c) Introduction to basics of academic writing: note-taking, paragraph writing, comparisons, cause and effect relationships, giving instructions, formal letters, applications, CV writing
d) Additional student activities:
– presentations of individual and group projects