Computer Networks – Internet of Things


STUDY PROGRAM: 8-Computer networks – Internet of things

Duration: 1 year

ECTS points: 60 ECTS

Degree: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in the field of Computer networks – Internet of Тhings

To achieve this in the curriculum, in addition to the necessary aspects of computer network systems and devices design and implementation, will include the following currently very topical aspects and areas, that are embedded in the goals for computer networks development of the the European Commision:

  • Development of future valid models for governance and management of Internet of things (IOT);
  • Political, economic and social benefits of the Internet of things (IOT);
  • Internet of things (IOT) mobile devices in the next generation networks;
  • Management and allocation of the frequency spectrum and the Internet of things (IOT);
  • Ad-hoc civil applications and architectures;
  • Governance, standards and reliability;
  • Ethical standards and Internet of things (IOT);
  • Privacy and security of users;
  • Devices security;
  • Intelligent Systems and Big Data
  • Advanced Analysis of Data Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence methods

The need for educated professionals in the field of Computer networks is evident in academic and professional public in the world universities, but is particularly evident in the industry.

Curriculum content of the second cycle studies on computer networks will allow students to acquire: skills for analysis, design and implementation of intelligent computer networks and systems that implement the latest technologies from multiple fields – computer networks, sensors and sensor systems,data processing using machine learning and artificial intelligence methods, information systems, databases, multimedia systems, games and entertainment, as well as the capability to work in interdisciplinary teams of world top level.

In conditions of permanent scientific and technological progress increases the need for the development of computer networks – Internet of Things.

Studies would enable students further informal education in the field of computer networks and systems (courses, trainings, …), but also continuing their formal education at the third cycle of studies, doctoral studies.

Masters in Computer Networks – Internet of Things will be qualified to work in all areas of a modern automated information society, especially in health care, transportation, consumer electronics, mobile devices, and systems, followed by information and telecommunication companies, companies that produce and service monitoring systems, companies dealing with automated manufacturing of material goods, transportation and so on.

This module creates a staff that all these sectors recognize as fundamentally important for their successful development.

Masters in Computer Networks – Internet of Things can especially contribute to the research and teaching work of universities, scientific institutes, research centers and others.

Upon completion of this degree program candidates will be able to:

  • Design computer networks and network systems in all areas of their application: computer technology, medicine, transport, multimedia, gaming industry and entertainment etc;
  • Develop new application areas and to upgrade the existing ones;
  • Be able to participate in theoretical modeling, simulation, development and implementation of systems and processes in this area;
  • Be able to equally participate in the world’s top development area of interdisciplinary teams.

Elective courses
It is mandatory to choose at least two of the given courses in the list A
Code Title ECTS No of classes per week Total necessary time (hour)
3ФЕИТ07001 Security and Reliability of Computer Communication Systems 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07003 Internet of Things 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07006 Dedicated and Contemporary Computer Networks 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07021 IoT Standards and Protocols 6 3+0+0+3 180
It is mandatory to choose maximum three of the given courses in the list B
Code Title ECTS No of classes per week Total necessary time (hour)
3ФЕИТ08001 Applied Graph Theory 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07002 Intelligent Information Systems and Big Data 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07005 Modeling and Simulation – Performance Estimation 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07008 Advanced Data Analysis with Machine Learning 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ10019 Advanced Applications for Mobile Devices 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ11005 Advanced Web Technologies and Services 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07009 Advanced Virtualization Concepts 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07011 Processing Sensor Data in IoT 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07013 High Performance Computing 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07014 Grid and Cloud Computing 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ08025 Applied Algebra 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07015 Design and Analysis of Gigabit Wireless Local Area Networks 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07016 Design of Smart IoT Devices 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07017 Sensor, Wireless and Mobile Computer Networks and Systems 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07019 DataWarehouse and Purpose-built Data 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07020 Software for Dedicated Computer Systems and Networks 6 3+0+0+3 180

Mandatory courses
Code Title ECTS No of classes per week Total necessary time (hour)
3ФЕИТ00 Master thesis 20 0+0+0+20 600
Elective courses
3ФЕИТ08 Research project in the area of ​​Computer Networks – Internet of Things 6 0+0+0+6 180
Elective course from the UKIM list of available courses 4 2+0+0+2 120
Total 30 2+0+0+28 900