Dedicated computer systems


STUDY PROGRAM: 7- Dedicated computer systems

Duration: 1 year

ECTS points: 60 ECTS

Degree: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in the field of Dedicated computer systems

Dedicated and Embedded computer systems are a combination of hardware and software, designed to control a device, a process or a complete system. Specific examples of such systems include: control of almost all systems in cars, control of the operation of car engines, autopilot, navigation systems and aircraft management systems, chipsets for digital TVs, chips for communications devices, ambient devices, control systems in nuclear reactors, etc. The importance of these systems grows continuously. For example, in 2010 there were in practical use over 16 billion such devices in the world, and forecasts predict that the number of these devices is expected to double by 2014. In other words, for every inhabitant of the planet there would be 3-4 of these devices. Significant is the increased use of such systems in the automotive industry, where the percentage of participation of the dedicated processor systems in the total value of the car is expected to grow by 45-50% in the 2013th. These challenges can be successfully monitored and applied only by producing new generations of students, educated in the field of dedicated computer systems. In addition to the existence of such a study program, the total market in this area in 2010 was approximately U.S. $ 20 billion, with growth of 10-15% annually.

The second cycle of studies in Dedicated computer systems aims to educate top executives in the field of design, implementation and application of complete hardware and software dedicated systems in all possible areas of application. The staff that will arise from here, will be equally qualified on global level, and in certain aspects will dominate.

Upon completion of this degree program candidates will be able to:

  • Implement projects techniques for hardware and software for dedicated embedded systems;
  • Design and implement dedicated embedded computer systems in general – hardware and software;
  • Design and implement dedicated software for existing systems;
  • Design and implement dedicated hardware for existing systems;
  • Monitor, actively participate and enhance the current research in this area;
  • Participate in and guide teams in interdisciplinary and specific application areas.

Elective courses
It is mandatory to choose at least two of the given courses in the list A
Code Title ECTS No of classes per week Total necessary time (hour)
3ФЕИТ07012 Operating systems and drivers 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07020 Software for Dedicated Computer Systems and Networks 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07022 Techniques for HDL design and FPGA implementation 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07023 Techniques for designing dedicated computer systems 6 3+0+0+3 180
It is mandatory to choose maximum three of the given courses in the list B
Code Title ECTS No of classes per week Total necessary time (hour)
3ФЕИТ07001 Security and Reliability of Computer Communication Systems 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ08004 Discrete Mathematics 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07003 Internet of Things 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07004 Cognitive Computing in ICT 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ08011 Linear Statistical Models 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07005 Modeling and Simulation – Performance Estimation 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07006 Dedicated and Contemporary Computer Networks 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07007 Dedicated Processors 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07008 Advanced Data Analysis with Machine Learning 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07013 High Performance Computing 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07014 Grid and Cloud Computing 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07015 Design and analysis of gigabit wireless local area networks 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07017 Sensor, Wireless and Mobile Computer Networks and Systems 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07018 Digital Transaction Systems 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07019 Data Warehouse and Purpose-built Data 6 3+0+0+3 180

Mandatory courses
Code Title ECTS No of classes per week Total necessary time (hour)
3ФЕИТ00 Master thesis 20 0+0+0+20 600
Elective courses
3ФЕИТ07 Research project in the field of Dedicated computer systems 6 0+0+0+6 180
Elective course from the UKIM list of available courses 4 2+0+0+2 120
Total 30 2+0+0+28 900