Digital signal processing


STUDY PROGRAM: 10- Digital signal processing

Duration: 1 year

ECTS points: 60 ECTS

Degree: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in the field of Digital Signal Processing

Digital signal processing is essential for modern information and communication technology with a strong impact in all domains of life, traditionally in telecommunications, biomedical technology, data analysis in seismology, radar and underwater research and more recently in multimedia, economics and other areas. The fast development in the production and the use of digital devices and systems have imposed a need for a cadre with enlarged theoretical knowledge and design skills for the development of new advanced systems and techniques.The programme is designed in a way to a offer an understanding for the principles of DSP, the current applications and the new tends. The programme is designed for:

  • Students who wish to have a better chance to work at companies working with software or hardware design and apply DSP technologies
  • Students who seek an better theoretical understanding and qualifications relevant for successful use of modern DSP technologies
  • Employes working in companies where signal processing is applied, who have a need for formal qualifications and want to improve their knowledge in the different fileds where DSP is applied
  • Engineers, software and hardware designers, menagers and other people working in the industry who want to have better understanding of current approaches in the DSP technologies.

The programme aims to enable the students to:

  • implement the DSP techniques in new application areas
  • demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical problems in the fields of processing of sound, image and video
  • be able to solve practical problems in all domains of application of DSP
  • folow new trends in the research of a specific area of DSP

Mandatory courses
Code Title ECTS No of classes per week Total necessary time (hour)
3ФЕИТ05001 Real Time DSP Microcontrollers 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ05011 Advanced Digital Signal Processing Techniques 6 3+0+0+3 180
Elective course 1 6 3+0+0+3 180
Elective course 2 6 3+0+0+3 180
Elective course 3 6 3+0+0+3 180
Total 30 15+0+0+15 900
Elective courses
Code Title ECTS No of classes per week Total necessary time (hour)
3ФЕИТ05002 Biometrics and Video Surveillance 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ05003 Digital Audio Processing 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ05009 Machine Vision 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ05022 Processing and Analysis of Biomedical Signals 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ05023 Digital Image Processing and Analysis 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ05024 Biomedical Image Processing 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ03013 Sensors, Signals and Data Acquisition Systems 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ05025 Multimedia Security 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ10031 Statistical Signal Processing and Statistical Learning 6 3+0+0+3 180

Mandatory courses
Code Title ECTS No of classes per week Total necessary time (hour)
3ФЕИТ00 Master Thesys 20 0+0+0+20 600
Elective courses
3ФЕИТ10 Research Project in the Field of Digital Signal Processing 6 0+0+0+6 180
Elective course from the UKIM list of available courses