Laboratory of Electronic Measurements

The Laboratory of Electronic Measurements was established in 1972 with the opening of the major in electronics under the leadership of prof. d-r Dragan Dimitrov. At the beginning it was integrated within the Laboratory of Electrical Measurements. The first laboratory exercises in this lab were held in 1973 for the first generation of students majoring in electronics by prof. d-r Metodija Kamilovski, who was the assistant at that time. The first contingent of electronic instruments was received in 1974, which served as basis for its future activity. With the reorganization of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in the mid-eighties, the Laboratory moves under the auspices of the Institute of Electronics, where it continues its function to this date.  In the period between 1986 and 1991, several high-quality instruments were added including a spectrum analyzer, a digital oscilloscope, etc. In this time, one room was adapted into a Faraday cage for measurement of EMI interference. From 2001, the Laboratory hosts equipment provided by the Tempus Project JEP 12103-97 that was meant for a new Laboratory of Power Electronics, which was not established as a separate entity due to space limitations. The Laboratory was thoroughly reconstructed in 2017.

Since its foundation the Laboratory of Electronic Measurements has been used for laboratory classes for the courses of Electronic Measurements and Sensors, conditioners and acquistion devices, as well as for the preparation and defence of Diploma Theses. Due to space limitations the Laboratory has also been used for holding classes for students majoring in Computer Hardware Engineering and Electronics led by the Institute of Electronics.

Due to the expansion of activities in the field of electromagnetic compatibility, one of the teaching cabinets of the Institute of Electronics has been reorganized into a mini EMC laboratory where measurements are being performed by the Faculty Inspection Body. This mini laboratory, which belongs to the Laboratory of Electronic Measurements, is also used for scientific and research activities by the memebers of the Institute of Electronics.