Laboratory of Optic Communications

The Laboratory of Optic Communications (LOC) was established and equipped within the frame of the ‘Program for Providing of Equipment for Laboratories of State Higher-Education Institutions and Public Scientific Institutions’. It was funded by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. Its Head is Professor Borislav Popovski Ph.D.

Figures: Laboratory of Optic Communications

Apart from the scientific and educational activity in the field of optic communications, the Laboratory is also used for research purposes. As a result, its research achievements have been presented at national and international workshops and conferences.

In addition, the Laboratory has been accredited within the frame of the Inspection Body for Electrical Engineering Devices, installation and equipment at FEEIT for the following measuring activities:  measurement of attenuation in optical fibers with OTDR according to МКС EN 60793-1-40 standard, chromatic dispersion measurement in optical fibers according to МКС EN 60793-1-42 standard and polarization mode dispersion measurement in optical fibers according to МКС EN 60793-1-48 standard.

Users of the LOC services are telecommunications and cable operators and other providers of communications networks and services, which are in need of checking the features of their optic infrastructure.  The achieved measuring results are used when they are introducing new technologies for the purpose of capacity increase and are also providing higher data speeds for end users.

The Laboratory is equipped with the following equipment: multifunctional modular platform EXFO FTB-1 with FTB-730 optical time-domain reflectometer; multifunctional modular platform EXFO FTB-500 with following modules: FTB-5240S optical spectral analyzer, FTB-5800 chromatic dispersion analyzer, FTB-5500B polarization mode dispersion analyzer; C and L band optical light source FLS-5 834A, attenuator FVA-600 and splicer Sumitomo Splicer T-39LC.