Multimedia Technologies


STUDY PROGRAM: 19- Multimedia Technologies

Duration: 1 year

ECTS points: 60 ECTS

Degree: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in the field of Multimedia Technologies

The development and availability of multimedia technologies resulted in rapid increase of demand of qualified human resources in this area. This need is currently satisfied through the process of selection of engineers in the field of digital signal processing and computer engineering and their further education in the companies or universities abroad. Typically, engineers in those areas have considerable technical knowledge, but lack in knowledge considering creative aspects of creation of multimedia content. They follow the development of multimedia technologies as their personal interest, but not as a professional commitment. On the other side, the development of multimedia technologies is so rapid that their mastering and utilization is only possible through in-depth education of professionals in technical areas, as well as in creative processes of multimedia content creation.

The content of this study program enables the students education adapted to current trends of multimedia technologies development, as well as to the needs of companies working in the field. The need of human resources is considerable not only in the domain of utilization of multimedia technologies, but also in the field of research and development. The number of companies that base their operations in research and development is constantly increasing. In this direction, their primary problem currently is lack of human resources and inability to implement systematic approach in knowledge development. This study program can be attended by students with technical background, as well as students with primary orientation in arts. The program will enable the students to acquire skills in analysis, design and implementation of multimedia systems for different purposes. The program includes different areas of multimedia, such as networks, sensor systems, graphics and animation, digital image, video and audio processing etc. Students completing this program will be capable of working in interdisciplinary teams and will be valuable in many fields in modern multimedia-oriented society. They will find employment in IT companies, companies for multimedia systems production and maintenance, as well as arts and entertainment industry. They will also be capable for engagement in research and education at universities, science institutes, research centers etc.

Mandatory courses
Code Title ECTS No of classes per week Total necessary time (hour)
Elective course 1 6 3+0+0+3 180
Elective course 2 6 3+0+0+3 180
Elective course 3 6 3+0+0+3 180
Elective course 4 6 3+0+0+3 180
Elective course 5 6 3+0+0+3 180
Total 30* 15+0+0+15 900
Elective courses –
Code Title ECTS No of classes per week Total necessary time (hour)
3ФЕИТ05003 Digital Audio Processing 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ05004 Digital Video Processing 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ05005 Digital Speech Processing 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ05009 Machine Vision 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ05010 Machine Learning in Signal Processing 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07010 Advanced Concepts of Data Processing and Storage 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ05011 Advanced Digital Signal Processing Techniques 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ08020 Numerical Methods 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ08024 Optical Phenomena 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ05023 Digital Image Processing and Analysis 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ05025 Multimedia Security 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ10035 Information Theory 8 3+0+0+3 240

Mandatory courses
Code Title ECTS No of classes per week Total necessary time (hour)
3ФЕИТ00 Master Тhesys 20 0+0+0+20 600
Elective courses
3ФЕИТ19 Research project in the field of Multimedia Technologies 6 0+0+0+6 180
Elective course from the UKIM list of available courses 4 2+0+0+2 120
Total 30 2+0+0+28 900