8th Student Conference on Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development – SKEEOR 2020

Објавено: December 10, 2020

On day 09.12.2020, in one of the virtual classrooms at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies – FEEIT, was the opening of the 8th Student Conference on Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development – SCEESD 2020. The basic idea of the conference is to enable exchange of ideas and opinions between students, professors and companies who are involved in the field of power engineering which would contribute to the efforts of solving the complex problems concerning energy efficiency and sustainable development. 

The research work itself widens our opinions and knowledge about a certain problem which is of exceptional importance for our modern society. SCEESD includes broad and important current research areas such as renewable energy sources, their huge potential and possibilities as well as all problems regarding their utilization, also all of the classical and innovative solutions for improving energy efficiency.

This year the executive board of SCEESD is expanded and consists of President Mariela Klekovska, Vice President Marija Arsova, PR and Marketing Sara Aleksoska and Biljana Pankova, Responsible for Finance – Mila Popovska and Teodora Stojkovska, Responsible for Paper review Marko Minor and David responsible for Logistics – Jovana Sibinovska and Viktor Sapundziovski all undergraduate or graduate students at FEEIT, Skopje.

At the opening of SCEESD 2020, in addition to the discussions in order to gain new knowledge and find lasting solutions in the field of energy efficiency and sustainable development, members of the organizing board, members of the Rector of UKIM, a representative of the Dean of FEEIT and long-term partners and supporters also gave encouraging speeches regarding the whole concept of the conference.

Here are some parts of the speeches of our speakers:

The President of SCEESD Mariela Klekovska: “What we managed to do in the course of the previous year is of great significance to both SCEESD and FEEIT. This year SCEESD has turned into an international student conference with 9 new members of the scientific board from aboard.”

Vice President of SCEESD Marija Arsova: “Such event as SCEESD wouldn’t be possible to be organized without the help from our patrons, supporters and sponsors. This year, they are: “University Ss. Cyril and Methodius” – UKIM, Skopje, UKIM student assembly – USS, City of Skopje, National committee of North Macedonia in CIGRE and MEPSO.”

President of the University Student Assembly Borjan Eftimov: “The success and continuity that SKEEOR has are a motive and example for the entire University. Exactly this conference and its success in the past years gave us the idea to organize 5 other student conferences following the example of SCEESD. The influence of SCEESD in promoting the entire University is indisputable.”

Representative of the City of Skopje Ivan Ivanov: “SCEESD focuses on the dynamic interaction and integration between energy efficiency and sustainable development and opens space for new scientific effective action, such as the City of Skopje encourages and supports.”

The Vice Dean of FEEIT, prof. Sonja Zajkova, Ph.D.: “Students are our future. “As professors, we have the privilege of following their ideas and their willingness to contribute to new innovative technologies.”

The Vice Rector for Science at Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, prof. Valentina Gechevska, Ph.D: “Every year I am fascinated by the students of FEEIT with their enthusiasm and commitment to organize successful events that from year to year grow into recognizable brands of the faculty, but also for the university in general.”

We kept the ‘international dimension’ of the conference, having participants from different countries. As it was the case in the previous years, we had the opportunity to listen to the lectures from our plenary speakers – great experts in their fields, who guided us to the novelties in the world of engineering. This year, we enriched the agenda with a panel discussion, in which top experts and students took part.

SCEESD expresses great gratitude to patrons FEEIT, all participants, professors, partners, supporters and moderators.