EESTEC Academy: Robotics

Објавено: March 7, 2024

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies FEEIT hosted the event “EESTEC Academy: Robotics”, organized by the student organization EESTEC LC Skopje and the Institute of Automation and System Engineering at FEEIT from 29 February until 2 March. Around 30 high school students and students from the technical faculties participated at the event, and had the opportunity to attend popular lectures on robotics and artificial intelligence, as well as technical lectures on robotic arm and mobile robot kinematics.

As part of the event, a workshop took place where the participants were divided into teams tasked with programming mobile robots equipped with proximity sensors to follow a trail and navigate through a maze. All teams successfully completed their tasks, bringing a close to a fun and eventful weekend.

By supporting and organizing such events and by collaboration with student organizations such as EESTEC, FEEIT continues its activities in promoting and popularizing topics such as robotics and engineering among young people, thereby confirming its role as one of the leading socially responsible institutions of higher education in the country and beyond.