FEEIT visited by an expert team from SIEMENS

Објавено: October 15, 2021

On October 14, 2021, the Faculty was visited by an expert team from the world leader company in electrical and ICT sectors SIEMENS and Siskon – Skopje as an authorized representative in Macedonia. The goal is to continue the intensive cooperation with the faculty in donating equipment for various laboratories and for the educational and research needs of students, and of course available to engineer trainings from various companies in the country. A donation in the laboratory for electrical protection has been agreed, which consists of the most modern equipment and digital platform with panel and device from the latest protection program SIPROTEC 5, with all the accompanying software and measurement support. A certain dynamics of activities in realization has been agreed, which includes a training program of experts with the equipment. This is only an initiative for further cooperation in equipping with the most modern technological solutions from the SIEMENS program in the electrical sector and the information communication part.