Infineon Technologies Austria, an IPCEI Microelectronics member, provided FEEIT with electronic development boards

Објавено: October 12, 2022

The semiconductor company Infineon Technologies Austria ( provided 135 development boards for students’ needs for education and research at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies – FEEIT within the scope of the IPCEI Microelectronics initiative. The purpose of this support is to improve the quality of students’ teaching process and their practical work.

The cooperation between the company and the faculty is established on a long-term basis, says Professor Dr. Katerina Raleva from the Institute of Electronics at FEEIT.

“We have been cooperating with Infineon Technologies Austria for around 10 years, when our students started doing their internship in the company in Austria. Thanks to IPCEI Microelectronics, we are now boosting our cooperation. The most important thing for us is that our students receive high quality education, and opportunity to cope with real tasks and in real companies. That increases their competitiveness and proves that also our faculty produces high quality and competitive students who can deal with world challenges in electronics”, says Raleva.

According to Stojan Mateski, Component Validation Engineer at Infineon Technologies Austria and Infineon’s Austria ambassador at FEEIT, this renowned company supports the high quality students at FEEIT. “At least 15 of our colleagues were interns at Infineon Technologies Austria, and most of them are already employed in the company. Infineon therefore very much welcomes this cooperation and looks forward to further collaboration and activities. With this investment, we support the education of future STEM1) experts. All of us who work outside of Macedonia know that this kind of cooperation is needed, and therefore we want to invest and give back to our community”, says Mateski.

The cooperation between Infineon Technologies Austria and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies will increase in the future based on a mutual agreement.

Infineon Technologies Austria is part of the Important Project of Common European Interest on Microelectronics (IPCEI). This project is underpinning Europe’s microelectronics industry and is geared towards advancing microelectronics technology across the EU. The IPCEI Microelectronics was approved by the European Commission in December 2018 and will run until March 2024.

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1) STEM : Science, Technology, Engineering and Math