Infineon Technologies Austria organized a workshop at FEEIT

Објавено: May 10, 2022

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies from University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” – Skopje was a host of a 2-day workshop “Infineon meets FEEIT” organized by Infineon Technologies Austria as part of the IPCEI on Microelectronics program.

Infineon Technologies is a globally leading semiconductor player with more than 50.000 employees. They are leaders in automotive, power management energy efficient technologies and the IoT while global megatrends underline the increasing importance of microelectronics.

IPCEI Microelectronics is the largest pan-European initiative in the field of microelectronics. It opens up significant opportunities for universities, research institutions, industry representatives, start-ups and engineering students from across Europe to address technological, market and social challenges that could not otherwise be tackled. Infineon Austria is part of this strategic effort.

Professor Dr. Katerina Raleva from the Institute of Electronics on FEEIT explained that this workshop is a rare opportunity to hear the lectures of engineers of this well-known company on their approach of how they tackle the challenges in the design, development, testing and production of semiconductor products, as well as for the students to have the chance to directly talk and get insights for potential career development from employees and interns in Infineon.

“As far as professors and teaching assistants are concerned, I strongly believe that opportunities will arise for future collaboration with Infineon in the field of semiconductors and microelectronics via the IPCEI Microelectronics program” said Raleva.

The workshop gave an chronological overview in the process of creation and production of semiconductor products (the path from idea to product), along with introducing the participants with the work activities of the company  and the possibilities which Infineon offers for the students for professional career development.

Via the IPCEI program, the door opens for collaboration between FEEIT and Infineon Technologies. Working on PhD, Master and Bachelor thesis in addition to collaborating on research and development topics in the company are part of this opportunity. On this subject, an official session between FEEIT, Infineon and IPCEI representatives was held where further steps were discussed on how this collaboration can be achieved.

“At the moment, in the Development center in Villach, Austria, we are 10 engineers and a few additional interns who got their engineering knowledge at FEEIT, which shows that there is quality in the students studying here. We have a goal to give the chance to FEEIT to have a new associate, a leader in semiconductor industry, in regards to research and development topics, and for the students, to have the opportunity to develop their engineering careers by enrolling to the internships that this company offers. We believe there will be more workshops to come in the upcoming years and that this is just a beginning of a successful collaboration” says Viktor Georgievski, a representative from Infineon Technologies Austria.

Within the workshop, different types of development boards produced by the company were presented. In the following period, Infineon Austria with these types of development boards, will support the educational activities of the Institute of Electronics at FEEIT, with the goal to upgrade the practical experience of the students enrolled in this field of study.

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