SIEMENS and SisCon Have Donated Equipment to FEEIT

Објавено: May 6, 2022

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (FEEIT) has equipped the Laboratory of Relay Protection with digital state-of-the art equipment donated by SIEMENS, Austria and our local partner and distributor SisCon.  In order to make proper and best use of it, the Austrian producer has provided training for the trainers (professors and assistants) who will further work with the students in order to introduce them with the latest technology. This also represents a possibility for FEEIT to introduce companies with training, should there be a need for them and their performance/production.
The Dean of FEEIT Dimitar Tashkovski, prof, Ph.D., has emphasized that the successful equipping of the Laboratory is resulting from a six-month process, the realization of which has significantly been supported and provided by SisCon, as well. ‘The donation is upgrading the conditions and quality of studies that the Faculty provides so that the engineers-to-be will  be ready to join processes in real-life situations. Hence, we are very pleased that with this donation we have managed to create possibilities for  the students-to-be, assisted  both  by  SIEMENS and SisCon so that they become familiar with the practical implementation of this equipment and its latest technology so that they  will be enabled to implement it further in their jobs’.

In addition, Vladimir Dilevski, manager of the SisCon Company stated that in the course of the training for the staff of the faculty, they have made and create well-defined laboratory exercises the purpose of which is to synchronize them with the existing Study Programs at the Faculty. ‘The donation of Siemens Austria and SisCon as a local company in Skopje, consists of equipment for numeric relay protection. We have donated two types of relays from the latest generation accompanied by additional communications equipment, a software package needed for its operation and performance functioning, and we have also provided the faculty professors and assistants with the necessary training by Siemens, Vienna. The equipment is already being set in and installed in industrial packages/installations by Rittal with accompanying elements by SIEMENS and PHOENIX CONTACT, a donation by SisCon.’ Furthermore, Professor Anton Chaushevski, Ph.D., who is the Head of the Laboratory Protection, has already received the training for usage of the equipment and is now enabled to introduce it to the students.’
‘This represents a digital protection from the latest generation which provides future engineers to get introduced with this sophisticated technology, which they will face with in their new job positions. Also, the equipment will enable students to have practical exercises, but also there will be possibilities for companies to make use of this equipment especially having in mind the industrial and energy sector companies, which are already using SIEMENS equipment in their facilities.’  Further, professor Anton Chaushevski, Ph.D., expressed his gratitude to the managers team of SisCon and SIEMENS, Vienna, as well as to his colleagues Sasho Martinovski , a former FEEIT student, who is currently a part of SIEMENS Vienna, who practically provided the training for the trainers at FEEIT.’
The Laboratory of   Relay Protection, which has been established in the 80-ies of the past century, was introduced to provide classes at FEEIT and  it has the accreditation in line with  ISO/IEC17020  for activities related to relay protection for all systems.