Silver medal in Image Matching Challenge 2023

Објавено: October 31, 2023

The 3DIPTeam, consisting of talented students Jovan Kamchev, Simona Toshevska, Ivona Mircheska, and Tiana Paunoska, earned a silver medal in this year’s Image Matching Challenge, hosted by Goggle Research, claiming the 48th position among 494 competing teams on the Kaggle platform.

In the era of ubiquitous phone cameras, these devices stand out as the primary sources of photographs that capture the world around us. Particularly with famous landmarks, there is an abundance of photos taken at the same location by various people, capturing the objects from different viewpoints and conditions. By combining all these photos, a more comprehensive, three-dimensional view of any given object can be created. The competition was aimed at developing a time-efficient algorithm for precise reconstruction of a 3D scene from photos taken from various angles, under different lighting and weather conditions.
Through research and modification of previous solutions that perform extraction and matching of key points in images and forming a 3D point cloud, the students developed an algorithm for 3D scene reconstruction which earned them the silver medal in the competition.

Congratulations on this remarkable achievement!

The silver medalists: Jovan Kamchev, Simona Toshevska, Ivona Mircheska, and Tiana Paunoska