Successful completion of the 9th Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics – SAEM’2024

Објавено: June 28, 2024

From 9 – 12. June 2024 in Szklarska Poręba, Poland the 9th Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics – SAEM’2024 was held.  

The Symposium is organized by the Polish Society of Applied Electromagnetics, and in co-organization with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (FEEIT) at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, and the Faculty of Energy Technology at the University of Maribor.

This symposium was organized and held for the first time in 2006 in Ohrid, Macedonia, followed by the editions: SAEM’2008, Zamosc (Poland), SAEM’2010, Ptuj (Slovenia) and SAEM’2012, Sopron (Hungary). Then SAEM’2014, Skopje (Macedonia), SAEM’2016, Wroclaw (Poland), SAEM’2018, Podčetrtek (Slovenia) and SAEM’2024, Struga (Macedonia). Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 pandemic situation SAEM’2020 planned for Beli Manastir (Croatia) was cancelled.

On this year edition of SAEM’2024 8 scientific works by professors, teaching assistants, students on doctoral and master degree studies from FEEIT were presented. Two of those papers were presented at the opening ceremony as an invited lectures presented by the authors:

  1. Maja Celeska Krstevska, Navigating the Gusts: Evolutionary Strategies for Optimizing Wind Farm Layouts
  2. Goga Cvetkovski, The Scientific Legacy of Professor Lidija Petkovska

The rest of the papers were presented in the regular sessions of the symposium. Below are the names of the authors and the titles of those papers:

  1. Goga Cvetkovski, Efficiency Maximization of PMSM Using Equilibrium Optimizer Algorithm
  2. Blagoja Markovski, Leonid Grcev, Assessment of Electromagnetic Coupling of Electric Power Systems to Pipelines Using Combined Method of Moments and Transmission Line Theory Based Approach
  3. Blagoja Markovski, Leonid Grcev, Vesna Arnautovski-Toseva, Full-wave Electromagnetic Model for Grounding and Cable Analysis in Multilayer Earth
  4. Angela Najdoska, Goga Cvetkovski, Maximum Power Point Determination of Bifacial PV Using Teaching and Learning Based Optimization Algorithm
  5. Rosana Petrusheva, Maja Celeska Krstevska, Optimizing Energy Management: A Case study on hybrid energy storage systems for Commercial Facilities
  6. Ivan Temelkovski, Goran Rafajlovski, Goga Cvetkovski, Mihail Digalovski, Impact of High Order Harmonics on the Motor Copper Losses and Short-circuit Characteristics

In addition, here is one photo of the participants from FEEIT at the SAEM’2024. From left: associate professor Maja Celeska Krstevska, professor Goga Cvetkovski, associate professor Blagoja Markovski and teaching assistant Ivan Temelkovski.