Analysis of Complex Grounding Systems

Објавено: December 12, 2018

Course: Analysis of Complex Grounding Systems

Code: 3ФЕИТ09001

ECTS points: 6 ECTS

Number of classes per week: 3+1+1+0

Lecturer: Asst. Prof. Dr. Jordancho Angelov

Course Goals (acquired competencies): Empowering the application of modern methods for analysis of stationary regimes with faults in the power system, using previously mastered theoretical foundations. Controlling the principles and ways of earthing of power facilities, as well as ways to eliminate or reduce the risks and dangers of electric shock. Enabling the trainees to find efficient measures and rational solutions for overcoming thermal and security issues in the event of faults in the power systems.

Course Syllabus: Matrix based methods for short-circuit analysis in three-phase power systems, symmetric component method, parameters of system elements, power line equivalent schematics and their parameters for direct, inverse and zero order. Analysis of the performance of the complex power system in fault modes with various types of faults. Fault current distribution in power systems, application of software tools made in MatLab and VBA. Grounding system. Elements of the earthing system and their modeling: overhead lines with and without protective rope, power cables with various constructions, grounding of MV and HV installations. Distribution of the fault current near the power plants and the elements of the power system. Distribution of current through the earth, earth electrodes, over-head line’s pillars, and protective ropes and calculation of the potentials of the pillars during the phase-to-earth fault of the overhead lines. Calculation of the potentials and currents in the cable systems in the ground-fault regime. Analysis of voltage and current events in complex grounding systems of HV networks. Faults in MV distribution networks and calculation of the voltage and current conditions in the network and in its grounding system in regime of ground-faults. Reduction factor. Voltage potential export in the MV distribution network with faults in the HV part of the power system.


Required Literature







P. M. Anderson Analysis of Faulted Power Systems The IOWA State University Press/AMES, IOWA 1981