Communication Skills

Објавено: October 12, 2018
  1.    Course Title Communication skills
  2.    Code 3ФЕИТ04Л010
  3.    Study program EAOIE, EES, EEUM, KHIE, KSIAR, KTI, TKII
  4.    Organizer of the study program (unit, institute, department) Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies
  5.    Degree (first, second, third cycle) First cycle
  6.    Academic year/semester IV/8   7.    Number of ECTS credits 3.00
  8.    Lecturer Dr Nevenka Kiteva Rogleva
  9.    Course Prerequisites
10.    Course Goals (acquired competencies):  This course provides students with skills necessary for  The main purpose of this course is to introduce students to the fundamentals of business communication and formal writing.  This course will focus primarily on the formal writing, team work other communication tasks needed in the field of power engineering
11.    Course Syllabus: Identifying core components of effective writing and communication. Rights and responsibility in communication. Communication model and communication process. Research models. Writing oral presentations to various audiences. Writing technical reports, recommendations, and reports. Verbal and Nonverbal communication. Speaking and listening. Active and passive listening. Compromise or win win стратегија.
12.    Learning methods:  Presentation, assignments, team work
13.    Total number of course hours 2 + 1 + 0 + 0
14.    Distribution of course hours 90
15.    Forms of teaching 15.1. Lectures-theoretical teaching 30
15.2. Exercises (laboratory, practice classes), seminars, teamwork 15
16.    Other course activities 16.1. Projects, seminar papers 15
16.2. Individual tasks 10
16.3. Homework and self-learning 20
17.    Grading 17.1. Exams
17.2. Seminar work/project (presentation: written and oral) 80
17.3. Activity and participation 20
17.4. Final exam 100
18.    Grading criteria (points) up to 109 points     5 (five) (F)
from 110 to 129 points     6 (six) (E)
from 130 to 149 points     7 (seven) (D)
from 150 to 169 points     8 (eight) (C)
from 170 to 184 points     9 (nine) (B)
from 185 to 100 points   10 (ten) (A)
19.    Conditions for acquiring teacher’s signature and for taking final exam Attendance and class participation
20.    Forms of assessment Homework, essay writing, presentation preparation and presentation, activities during classes. Written exam at the end of the semester (1 hour)
21.    Language Macedonian and English
22.    Method of monitoring of teaching quality Questionary
23.    Literature
23.1. Required Literature
No. Author Title Publisher Year
1 CLIFFORD A. WHITCOMB, LESLIE E. WHITCOMB Effective Interpersonal and team communication skills for engineers JohnWiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey 2013
2 Raymond Greenlaw, Raymond Greenlaw Technical Writing, Presentational Skills, and Online Communication: Professional Tools and Insights IGI Global 2012
23.2. Additional Literature
No. Author Title Publisher Year
1 Ralph L. Kliem  Effective Communications for Project Management  Auerbach Publications Taylor & Francis Group  2008