Identification and Risk Management in Engineering Projects

Објавено: October 12, 2018
  1.    Course Title Identification and Risk management in Engineering projects
  2.    Code 3ФЕИТ04З007
  3.    Study program EEUM
  4.    Organizer of the study program (unit, institute, department) Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies
  5.    Degree (first, second, third cycle) First cycle
  6.    Academic year/semester IV/7   7.    Number of ECTS credits 6.00
  8.    Lecturer Dr Vangel Fushtikj
  9.    Course Prerequisites  

10.    Course Goals (acquired competencies):  Obtaining professional knowledge and skills for identification and management of the project risks and possibilities.

11.    Course Syllabus: Introduction to Risk management. World trends in in project risk management. PMBOK (PMI) and risk management. Project risk. Risk categories in different project types and project life-cycle phases. Risk management outcomes. Risk management phases. Identification, Quantification. Risk status. Risk evaluation. Evaluation criteria. Avoiding and transferring the risk. Risk mitigation. Risk response. Largest risk factor in projects. Risk in business environment. Risk management methods. Risk analysis. Evidence based Risk management. Risk management portfolio. Risks and criteria for project mission success. Scope of works and the risk. Risk allocation. Business contracts.

12.    Learning methods:  Lectures supported by presentations, exercises, risk analysis of the real projects in power engineering, professional lectures from practice, development of the project risk management plan.

13.    Total number of course hours 3 + 2 + 0 + 0
14.    Distribution of course hours 180
15.    Forms of teaching 15.1. Lectures-theoretical teaching 45
15.2. Exercises (laboratory, practice classes), seminars, teamwork 30
16.    Other course activities 16.1. Projects, seminar papers 30
16.2. Individual tasks 30
16.3. Homework and self-learning 45
17.    Grading 17.1. Exams 35
17.2. Seminar work/project (presentation: written and oral) 10
17.3. Activity and participation 5
17.4. Final exam 50
18.    Grading criteria (points) up to 49 points     5 (five) (F)
from 50 to 59 points     6 (six) (E)
from 60 to 69 points     7 (seven) (D)
from 70 to 79 points     8 (eight) (C)
from 80 to 89 points     9 (nine) (B)
from 90 to 100 points   10 (ten) (A)
19.    Conditions for acquiring teacher’s signature and for taking final exam Seminar work.
20.    Language Macedonian and English
21.    Method of monitoring of teaching quality Student’s audit and self-evaluation.
22.    Literature
22.1. Required Literature
No. Author Title Publisher Year
1 Tom Kendrick Identifying and Managing Project Risk American Management Assoociation 2003
2 John Schuyler Risk and Decision Analysis in Projects PMI (USA) 2001
22.2. Additional Literature
No. Author Title Publisher Year
1 Glenn Koller  Risk Assessment and Decision Making in Business and Industry  CRC Press  1999