Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Објавено: October 12, 2018

Course title: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Code: 3ФЕИТ01З014

Number of credits (ECTS): 6

Weekly number of classes: 2+2+1+0

Prerequisite for enrollment of the subject: None

Course Goals (acquired competencies): Introduction to artificial intelligence. Acquiring skills for autonomously solving practical engineering problems in the field of artificial intelligence.

Total available number of classes: 180

Course Syllabus: 1. Introduction to AI. 2. Intelligent agents and their environment. 3. Problem-solving in AI: problem formulation, path cost function, uninformed and informed search strategies, constraint satisfaction problems – definition, strategies, examples. 4. Adversarial search in AI: optimal desicions in games, optimal strategies, a utility function, two players games, MIN-MAX algorithm, multiple players games, alpha-beta pruning, stohastic games. 5. Learning: decision trees, statistical learning methods, application in games, robotics. Artificial neural networks: structure, classification, training.


Required Literature







Stuart Russell, Peter Norvig Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach   2010