Process Measurements

Објавено: June 28, 2022
1. Course Title Process Measurements
2. Code 4ФЕИТ03З009
3. Study program КСИАР
4. Organizer of the study program (unit, institute, department) Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies
5. Degree (first, second, third cycle) First cycle
6. Academic year/semester III/5 7. Number of ECTS credits 6
8. Lecturer D-r Zhivko Kokolanski
9. Course Prerequisites Passed: Electrical Measurements
10. Course Goals (acquired competencies): Acquiring knowledge for process measurements and management systems. Ability to design, implement and maintain process measurement systems. Ability to implement data acquisition systems, process and virtual instrumentation.
11. Course Syllabus: Introduction to process measurements. Concept and classification of measuring sensors and transducers regarding the output signal. Active sensors, passive sensors and smart sensors and transducers. Process measurement system model. Internal and external disturbances of the process measurement system. Application of lookup tables and piecewise linear interpolation for approximation of the transfer characteristic of a measurement system. Linearization and compensation. Signal conditioning circuits based on period, frequency, and amplitude measurement. Capacitive and inductive coupling and elimination of interference in process measurement systems. Active and passive shielding. Guarding techniques. Grounding of measurement circuits. Multichannel data acquisition systems. Process and virtual instrumentation. Telemetry and measurement data transmission.
12. Learning methods: Lectures, auditory and laboratory exercises, seminar and project assignments, independent learning.
13. Total number of course hours 3 + 1 + 1 + 0
14. Distribution of course hours 180
15. Forms of teaching 15.1. Lectures-theoretical teaching 45
15.2. Exercises (laboratory, practice classes), seminars, teamwork 30
16. Other course activities 16.1. Projects, seminar papers 15
16.2. Individual tasks 45
16.3. Homework and self-learning 45
17. Grading 17.1. Exams 20
17.2. Seminar work/project (presentation: written and oral) 20
17.3. Activity and participation 10
17.4. Final exam 50
Grading criteria (points) up to 50 points 5 (five) (F)
from 51to 60 points 6 (six) (E)
from 61to 70 points 7 (seven) (D)
from 71to 80 points 8 (eight) (C)
from 81to 90 points 9 (nine) (B)
from 91to 100 points 10 (ten) (A)
19. Conditions for acquiring teacher’s signature and for taking final exam Regular attendance at classes, auditory and laboratory exercises
20. Forms of assessment During the semester, two partial written exams are provided (at the middle and at the end of the semester, lasting 120 minutes), tests that are conducted during the classes, testing of laboratory exercises and possible preparation of a project task. The points from the partial exams, tests and the project task are included in the final grade.
In the planned exam sessions, a written exam is taken (duration 120 minutes). The points from the written exam, the tests, and the project task are included in the final grade.
The student completes the project assignment during the laboratory exercises and must demonstrate a practical solution and technical documentation two weeks before the end of the semester.
During the exam, it is not allowed to use books, scripts, manuscripts or notes of any kind, as well as a calculator, mobile phone, tablet or any other electronic device. mobile phone, tablet or any other electronic device.
21. Language Macedonian and English
22. Method of monitoring of teaching quality Internal evaluation and surveys
23. Literature
23.1. Required Literature
No. Author Title Publisher Year
1 J. Fraden Handbook of Modern Sensors, Physics Design and Applications, Third Edition Springer 2003
2 Ramon Pallas-Areny, John G. Webster Sensors and Signal Conditioning, Second Edition John Wiley & Sons 2001
3 Z. Kokolanski Process measurements FEEIT 2020
23.1. Required Literature
No. Author Title Publisher Year
23.2. Additional Literature
No. Author Title Publisher Year
1 J.Park, S. Mackay Data Acquisition for Instr. and Control Systems Elsevier 2003
2 S. Awan, B. Kibble, J. Schurr Coaxial Electrical Circuits for Interference-Free Measurements IET 2011
3 A.Ferrero, D. Petri, P. Carbone, M. Catelani Modern Measurements, Fundamentals and Applications IEEE Press, Wiley 2015