Transport Policy and Economics

Објавено: March 13, 2019

Transport Policy and Economics

Course: Transport Policy and Economics

Code: 3ФЕИТ11007

ECTS points: 7 ECTS

Number of classes per week: 3+0+0+3

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Verica Danchvska

Course Goals (acquired competencies):

The main goal of the course is to acquire the following knowledge and competencies:

• get acquainted with the notion of traffic and transport, as well as the types and importance of the traffic policy.

• get acquainted with the European traffic policy, its goals, features, principles and instruments

• To familiarize with the basic principles of economics in traffic and transport

• To get acquainted and to be able to implement the European regulation in the area of ​​traffic and transport

• be able to work in the area of ​​adjustment of the Macedonian to European regulations in traffic and transport.

Course Syllabus:

• Basic concepts of traffic-technologies and transportation systems (road, air, rail)

• General transport policy: concept, types, objectives, instruments, principles

• General transport economics: concept, sources, characteristics, principles

• Transport infrastructure and transport sub structures • Costs and type of cost in traffic, costing in the traffic

• Economic models to determine the most economical form of transportation

• Relationship between transport policy and sustainable development

• Relationship between transport economics and sustainable development Taking the European legislation in the field of traffic and transportation.


Required Literature







Verica Danchevska, PhDTransport economicsFaculty of Technical Sciences Bitola2009


Verica Danchevska, PhDTraffic policy and sustainable developmentFaculty of Technical Sciences Bitola2006