Wind Generators and Wind Generator Systems

Објавено: October 12, 2018

Wind Generators and Wind Generator Systems

Course title: Wind Generators and Wind Generator Systems

Code: 3ФЕИТ02З001

Number of credits (ECTS): 6

Weekly number of classes: 3+1+1+0

Prerequisite for enrollment of the subject: Passed: Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Sources

Course Goals (acquired competencies): Students will gain basic knowledge about energy exploitation of wind as Renewable energy source (RES), contemporary technologies for wind energy conversion and structure of wind generator systems.

Total available number of classes: 180

Course Syllabus: : Wind as RES. Wind generator (WG) components. Structure of wind generating systems (WGS). On-shore and off-shore WGS. Characteristics of electrical machines in WGSs. WG with stall and pitch control. WGSs with direct and indirect drive. Control of WGs. Dynamics of WGs. Pros and cons of grid connected and autonomous WGSs. Interaction of WG and power transmission system. Wind farms. Impacts of wind energy to the environment. Wind energy economics.


Required Literature







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R. Gasch, J. TweleWind Power Plants Fundamentals, Design, Construction and OperationJames&James2002