The story behind the name FSS FEIT

The Student Assembly at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (FSA) serves as a vital channel for communication between the students, the faculty, and the university administrators, facilitating the exchange of ideas and concerns. Consisting of students from diverse backgrounds, the Student Assembly strives to champion equal rights and representation for all members of our community. Their primary objective is to ensure that every student’s voice is heard and valued, advocating for initiatives that promote a better future for all of our peers. In addition to their advocacy role, they organize various activities aimed at enriching academic life, providing students with opportunities to gain deeper insights into their fields of study. These activities range from educational events to social gatherings, offering students a chance to unwind and forge lasting connections. Moreover, they bridge the gap between academia and the professional world by organizing conferences and networking events that connect students with industry leaders and potential employers, fostering valuable career opportunities. Through their collective efforts, they strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment that empowers students to thrive academically, socially, and professionally.

Our Student Assembly has a rich and dynamic history, marked by a series of signature events and a reputation for proactive engagement and innovation. Among their most celebrated traditions is the Brucoshka@Feit music festival, a cornerstone event that showcases our vibrant cultural spirit and brings together students, faculty, and the community for an unforgettable celebration of music and artistry. Whilst being the most challenging event for organizing because of its magnitude, it also serves as the event that brings the students together, forms lasting friendships and shapes the college experience for everyone on the organizing team. Having more than 6000 young people to host is no easy challenge but it also is a growing experience.

In the academic arena, the Student Assembly organizes specialized events like Science@FEEIT, Tech@FEEIT, and Applied@FEEIT, which have become hallmark initiatives, each designed to delve deep into their respective fields. These events not only highlight the latest developments and research but also provide a platform for students and faculty to collaborate, share knowledge, and challenge the frontiers of science and technology. So, this year FCA’s focus is exactly conferences like these, taking them to the next step further and expanding them to a regional audience. Inviting professors and firms in the field of study from other countries to share their point of view about the industry and research outside of our country’s borders and capacities is crucial for our folks to feel encouraged to delve deeper in the field, learn more and potentially bring new fresh ideas in North Macedonia.

Renowned for their energetic and forward-thinking approach, our Student Assembly is recognized as one of the most proactive bodies within the university landscape. Our members, characterized by their youthful enthusiasm and innovative ideas, are continually striving to enhance the academic and social experiences of our student body. This relentless pursuit of improvement and excellence is what sets us apart and cements our role as a pivotal force in shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for our faculty and its students.



Melani Cvetkovska


President of committee on Education and Science

Damjan Mihajloski




President of committee on Cultural development

Maksim Panovski



President of communications and cooperation committee

Ognen Sekuloski



President of commission for environmental awareness

Filip Zhakov


President of commission for sports and health

Kristijan Milosheski