Automation, Robotics and System Engineering


STUDY PROGRAM: 6–Automation, Robotics and System Engineering

Duration: 1 year

ECTS points: 60 ECTS

Degree: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in the field of Automation, Robotics and System Engineering

One of the main objectives of the master’s studies in Automation, Robotics and System engineering is educating experts who can carry technical and economical responsibility of designing, developing and using complex robotic and intelligent systems in our society.

The program offers a range of areas of process industry, robotics and computer engineering. It also provides excellent preparation for those who want to work on scientific research applications in appropriate institutions.

The program is designed for students with an appropriate degree of qualification, who want to increase their imployment oppurtunities in companies working in the field of design and implementation of control systems. Also, the program is adequate for software and hardware specialist who want to aquire in-depth theoretical knowledge and qualifications, necessary for successful study and work with modern techniques for compex control systems. The program is also aimed for employees in companies that implement various types of control systems and who need formal qualifications and want to expand their knowledge in various fields of applications of those systems. It is aimed for industry engineers, designers of control systems, planners and managers, who are striving for a deeper understanding of current, new and modern computer system engineering approaches, and have the ambition to aply them in order to achieve higher automation and higher quality and profit.

Upon completition of this study program, candidates will be able to:

  • Implement control and computer engineering techniques to various areas of technical sciences, medicine,   management, etc.
  • Apply mashine learning techniques for design of intelligent systems and web based applications;
  • Apply methods for speech and language processing;
  • Develop new methods for implementation and improvement of the existing ones;
  • Demonstrate understanding of theoretical problems in the field of modelling, simulation and control of systems and processes;
  • Acquire the appropriate skills to solve practical problems in all domains of application of automation and computer engineering;
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills to understand the current research in the area and be able for teamwork in interdisciplinary or specific team.

Mandatory courses
Code Title ECTS No of classes per week Total necessary time (hour)
Elective course 1 6 3+0+0+3 180
Elective course 2 6 3+0+0+3 180
Elective course 3 6 3+0+0+3 180
Elective course 4 6 3+0+0+3 180
Elective course 5 6 3+0+0+3 180
Total 30 15+0+0+15 900
Elective courses
Code Title ECTS No of classes per week Total necessary time (hour)
3ФЕИТ01002 Artificial Intelligence 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ01003 Networked Real-time Control Systems 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ01004 System Identification and Estimation 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ01005 Industrial Internet of Things 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ01006 Intelligent Control in Contemporary Robotics 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ01007 Computational Intelligence 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ01009 Mobile Robotics 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ01010 Hierarchical PLC Systems for Automatization 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ01011 Optimal and Robust Control 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ01012 PID Controllers: Theory, Design and Tuning 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ01013 Switched Dynamical Systems 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ01014 Applied Discrete-event Systems 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ07017 Sensor, Wireless and Mobile Computer Networks and Systems 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ01016 Advanced Mechatronic Systems 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ05026 Contemporary Microcontrollers for Embedded Systems Design 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ02022 Special Electric Machines and Their Control 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ01018 Model Predictive Control 6 3+0+0+3 180
3ФЕИТ01015 Design of Control Systems and Preparation of Technical Documentation 6 3+0+0+3 180

Mandatory courses
Code Title ECTS No of classes per week Total necessary time (hour)
3ФЕИТ00 Master thesis 20 0+0+0+20 600
Elective courses
3ФЕИТ06 Research project in the field of automation, robotics and system engineering 6 0+0+0+6 180
Elective course from the UKIM list of available courses 4 2+0+0+2 120
Total 30 2+0+0+28 900