STUDY PROGRAM: 3 – Power Systems

Duration: 1 year

ECTS points: 60 ECTS

Degree: Master of Sciences in Power Systems

The aim of the study program is to educate professionals following the needs of the modern economy and the quality criteria for teaching at a university level. It contains fundamental power system courses complemented with new research and knowledge, as well as a series of new courses that have been developed in accordance with the state of the art in the field of power systems. The study program is designed in a way that enables the acquisition of knowledge and competencies necessary for the MSc in this field, which will be the basis for further education following the latest technological development.

The proposed study program includes the most important aspects of power systems, whereby students will acquire knowledge in the field of transmission and distribution systems, their exploitation, management and planning, integration of distributed energy sources in power system, electricity markets, power quality and smart grids.

The study program aims to educate individuals who after the graduation will become a part of the power industry, primarily within the companies for transmission, distribution, trade and supply of electricity. At the same time, there is a possibility for their involvement in the public administration whose functions are connected with the power systems operation and planning, as well as in the consulting, design and manufacturing companies. The current state in power companies indicates a constant need for quality personnel capable of engaging in modern trends and responding to the requirements of different segments of the economy. The restructuring and changes in the power sector that have taken place in the past period have shown that the quality of the personnel is the most important segment for success in the process.

Mandatory courses
CodeTitleECTSNo of classes per weekTotal necessary time (hour)

Elective course 163+0+0+3180

Elective course 263+0+0+3180

Elective course 363+0+0+3180

Elective course 463+0+0+3180

Elective course 563+0+0+3180
Elective courses
CodeTitleECTSNo of classes per weekTotal necessary time (hour)
3ФЕИТ09001Analysis of Complex Grounding Systems63+0+0+3180
3ФЕИТ08001Applied Graph Theory63+0+0+3180
3ФЕИТ09002Reliability of Power Systems63+0+0+3180
3ФЕИТ06003Electric and Hybrid Vehicles63+0+0+3180
3ФЕИТ11003Energy and Climate Change63+0+0+3180
3ФЕИТ09003RES Integration in Power Systems63+0+0+3180
3ФЕИТ09004Power Quality63+0+0+3180
3ФЕИТ09005Advanced Techniques for Power System Analysis63+0+0+3180
3ФЕИТ09006Software Tools in Power Systems63+0+0+3180
3ФЕИТ09008Power Systems Operation and Control63+0+0+3180
3ФЕИТ09009Smart Grids Development63+0+0+3180
3ФЕИТ09010Energy Regulation63+0+0+3180
3ФЕИТ09011FACTS Devices in Power Systems63+0+0+3180
3ФЕИТ09012Monitoring and Control of Electricity Distribution Systems63+0+0+3180
3ФЕИТ09013Operation of Electricity Markets63+0+0+3180
Mandatory courses
CodeTitleECTSNo of classes per weekTotal necessary time (hour)
3ФЕИТ00Master Thesys200+0+0+20600
Elective courses
3ФЕИТ03Research Project in the Field of Power Systems60+0+0+6180
3ФЕИТ09007Applied Support Schemes for Renewables and Energy Efficiency42+0+0+2120

Elective course from the UKIM list of available courses42+0+0+2120