Application of Optimization Methods in Wireless Communications

Објавено: март 7, 2019

Course Title: Application of Optimization Methods in Wireless Communications

Code: ФЕИТ10018

ECTS points: 6 ECTS

Number of classes per week:3+0+0+3

Lecturer: Accos. prof. d-r Marko Porjazoski

Course Goals (acquired competencies): Upon finishing the course it is expected that the student will be able to use  wide range of methods and techniques for optimization of resources in wireless telecommunication systems.

Subject of the course content: Fundamental concepts for radio resource management. Challenges in managing resources in wireless systems. Methods for optimization of resource allocation. Convex optimization, linear and nonlinear programming, dynamic programming, economical models, game theory. Application of optimization methods in radio resource management for 3G and 4G wireless systems.


Required Literature
1.Zhu Han,K.J. Ray LiuResource allocation for wireless networksCambridge University Press2008
2.B. G. Lee, D. Park, H. SeoWireless communications resource managementIEEE Press and John Wiley& Sons2009
Additional Literature
1. Selected scientific papers from journals and conferences.