Experimental and Development Platforms in Telecommunications

Објавено: март 7, 2019

Course Title: Experimental and Development Platforms in Telecommunications

Code: ФЕИТ10005

ECTS points: 6 ЕКТС

Number of classes per week:3+0+0+3

Lecturer: Prof. Dr.Vladimir Atanasovski

Course Goals (acquired competencies): Upon finishing the course it is expected that the student will get familiar with the relevant state-of-the-art hardware and software platforms for building laboratory prototypes of various wireless networking solutions. The student will have the ability to track the entire from theory to prototype chain and pinpoint the relevant advantages and disadvantages in every step.

Subject of the course contentNeed for test platforms for telecommunications systems. Available hardware and software for creating demo and test platforms (spectral analyzers, USRP2, Sun SPOTs, TI eZ430 etc.). Programming environments. Advantages and disadvantages. Integration of heterogeneous equipment for testing different system performances. Equipment integration challenges and solutions. Calibration of heterogeneous equipment. Operational range assessment of integrated experimental system. Performance assessment and scalability of telecommunications systems in laboratory conditions. Comparison between experimental and simulation/analytical results. Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the possible approaches. Development of specific experimental platforms for wireless networks (e.g. for measurements of spectrum occupancy in different bands, for dynamic spectrum access, for creation of radio environmental maps, for usage of wireless sensor networks in different applications etc.). Development and testing of telecommunications prototype solutions. Mobile applications development environments. Trends. Location based services. Development and testing. Testing of telecommunications services in laboratory conditions. Research challenges in the area.


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