Sensor, Wireless and Mobile Computer Networks and Systems

Објавено: април 23, 2021

Course: Sensor, Wireless and Mobile Computer Networks and Systems

Code: 3ФЕИТ07017А

ECTS points: 6 ECTS

Number of classes per week: 3+0+0+3

LecturersDr  Daniel Denkovski

Course Goals (acquired competencies): Students will learn the advanced concepts in the areas of sensor, wireless and mobile networks and systems. Students will be able to design and develop sensor, wireless and mobile networks and systems, as well as software for sensor, wireless and mobile devices, networks and systems.

Course Syllabus: Practical physical level for wireless sensor networks. Data level: techniques for controlling access to the media. Network Layer: Network design, design of wireless sensor network architecture using a tree of clusters. Problems in practical implementation. Interfaces with transducers. Time-based accuracy and average power consumption. Power Management: Power sources. Loads. Voltage converters and regulators. Managing power strategy. Antennas and definition of RF performance. Standards for wireless sensor networks (IEEE 802.15.4 WPAN low data rate standard, ZigBee Alliance, IEEE 1451.5 standard for interfacing with wireless smart transducer). Wireless and mobile communication systems. Standards: 802.11 wireless networks, 802.11 MAC, 802.15 Bluetooth. Personal wireless networks. 802.16. Broadband wireless networks. Ad hoc wireless networks. Optical wireless networks. Protocols. Quality of Service and multimedia. MobileIP. Reliability of wireless networks. Wireless networks for mobile operators. GSM, GPRS. Satellite networks. Satellite networks for GPS. Use of GIS in wireless networks. Wireless local area networks in LAN and WAN. Network devices. Network Standards. Surveillance, cluster control and server farms control. Monitoring and network control. Determination of performance. Network applications. Mobile technologies for packet data transfer (2.5G). Connecting to mobile networks with Internet packet transmission. 3G networks. Standards: UMTS and others. Comparing WLAN techno­lo­gies and 3G. IP applications for mobile devices. Applications and their usage in wireless and mobile networks. Mobile Inter­net access. Additional services. Interface design for networking small smart devices. 4G networks and network standards.


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