Strategic Planning for Telecom and Internet Innovations

Објавено: март 7, 2019

Course Title: Strategic Planning for Telecom and Internet Innovations


ECTS points: 4 ECTS

Number of classes per week: 2+0+0+2

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Toni Janevski

Course Goals (acquired competencies): After completion of the course Strategic Planning for the telecom and Internet innovations the student is expected to understand the main principles of strategic planning and innovation in telecom and Internet environments. It is expected to be ready to create policies and strategies for development and have knowledge for management of telecom and Internet innovations.

Subject of the course content: Convergence in telecommunications. Broadband strategies and innovations. Development of policies. The role of standards. Innovation management. Google model, user generated contents. Apple iPhone model. Mobile and Internet telephony. Innovations in television (IPTV applications). “Killer” services/applications. Network neutrality, spectral neutrality. Management and governance of Internet.


Required Literature
No. Author Title Publisher Year
1. Robert Marcus, Collins Hemingway The Fifth Wave: A Strategic Vision for Mobile Internet Innovation, Investment and Return Robert Marcus, Collins Hemingway 2012
2. ITU, Telecommunication Development Sector Regulatory & Market Environment – Regulating Broadband Prices ITU Broadband Series 2012
Additional Literature
No. Author Title Publisher Year
1. IETF standards and documents Request For Comments (RFC) IETF  
2. ITU standards and documents, 3GPP standards ITU recommendations, 3GPP recommendations ITU, 3GPP