Infineon meets FEEIT

Датум на настан: 05.05.2022

Thursday and Friday, 5 and 6 May 2022, at INNOFEIT

Infineon is a globally leading semiconductor player with more than 50.000 employees. We are leading in automotive, power management energy efficient technologies and the IoT while Global
megatrends underline the increasing importance of microelectronics.
IPCEI Microelectronics is the largest pan-European initiative in the field of microelectronics. It opens up significant opportunities for universities, research institutions, industry representatives, start-ups and engineering students from across Europe to address technological, market and social challenges that could not otherwise be tackled. Infineon Austria is part of this strategic effort. We call it our Mission Future. You, too, can join our Mission Future and benefit from many opportunities!
“Infineon meets FEEIT”, a workshop organized by Infineon Austria, will delve into the semiconductor creation and production process (from idea to physical product), giving insights
from various domains and fields of work within the company, as well as the challenges faced and the innovative solutions developed in them.
The workshop will provide a platform to connect participants from the worlds of industry, research and education and Infineon to explore future collaborations opportunities to tackle remaining
challenges in the field of semiconductors and microelectronics.
Students will also have the chance to have direct interactions with current Infineon employees and interns (a lot of them from FEEIT themselves), who will share their experiences and provide
information on the possibilities of professional career development inside Infineon.
The Agenda is available on the following link:
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