Energy efficiency, environment and sustainable development (EESD)

STUDY PROGRAM: Energy efficiency, environment and sustainable development (EESD)

Duration: 1 year

ECTS points: 60 ECTS

Degree: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies with Major in Energy efficiency, environment and sustainable development 

The purpose of the study program is to enable leading highly competent engineering staff for research, development, design and implementation of complex interdisciplinary projects in the areas of energy efficiency, the impact of electricity on the environment and sustainable development.

Accordingly, candidates of this study program will be able to solve problems related to the promotion of energy efficiency and sustainable future. They will be able to apply the techniques of integrating preventive strategies in the planning and development of industrial production, reducing the causes of environmental pollution caused by manufacturing processes and rationalization of consumption of energy and raw materials. Candidates will acquire adequate capacity to solve practical problems in all domains of the impact of electromagnetic fields on the environment and adequate protection, to apply appropriate protocols to measure the most important parameters of the living and working environment with particular emphasis on non-ionizing radiation, and to apply the regulations in environmental and non-ionizing radiation at international and national level.

This study program will contribute to the improvement of energy efficiency in the country, especially in the industrial, transportation, residential, commercial and service sectors. Masters in “Energy efficiency, environment and sustainable development” will contribute to the development of industry, science research and teaching work of universities.

I Semester
Mandatory courses
CodeTitleECTSNo of classes per weekTotal necessary time (hours)
ФЕИТ06009Energy and efficiency for sustainability63+0+0+3180
 Elective course 163+0+0+3180
 Elective course 263+0+0+3180
 Elective course 363+0+0+3180
 Elective course 463+0+0+3180
Total 3015+0+0+15900
Elective courses
CodeTitleECTSNo of classes per weekTotal necessary time (hours)
ФЕИТ06003Eco-efficiency and cleaner production63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ06014Energy efficiency of electric process heating63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ06004Electric and hybrid vehicles63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ06008Energy efficiency in electric drives63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ09005Support schemes for renewables and energy efficiency63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ00008Energy and climate change63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ04004Environmentally friendly and energy efficient technologies for electrical energy production63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ02009Energy efficiency in households and industry63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ02019Electric devices control methods with improved energy efficiency63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ02007Energy efficient electrical machines and transformers63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ08011Materials for energy storage and conversion63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10006Energy efficient networking63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10007ICT systems for energy efficiency and sustainable development63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ01008Building automation systems63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ06005Electromagnetic effects63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ06007Electromagnetic modelling63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ06006Environmental electromagnetic fields and their measurement63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ06001Bio-effects of electrical energy63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ06013Legislation in the area of environment63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ04007Environmentally friendly and energy efficient technologies for electrical energy production63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ03009Environmental monitoring63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ06015Professional Energy Skills in nZEB63+0+0+3180
II Semester
Mandatory courses
CodeTitleECTSNumber of classes per weekTotal necessary time (hours)
ФЕИТ00Master thesis200+0+0+20600
Elective courses
ФЕИТ14Research project in the field of Energy Efficiency, Environment and Sustainable Development60+0+0+6180
 Elective course from the UKIM list of available courses42+0+0+2120
Total 302+0+0+28900
Suggested elective courses from the UKIM list    
ФЕИТ201Innovation and Transfer of Technologies42+0+0+2120
ФЕИТ202Strategic Planning for Telecom and Internet Innovations42+0+0+2120
ФЕИТ203Applied Support Schemes for Renewables and Energy Efficiency42+0+0+2120