Wireless and Mobile Communications (WMC)

STUDY PROGRAM: 20 – Wireless and Mobile Communications (WMC)

Duration: 1 year

ECTS points: 60 ECTS

Degree: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies with Major in Wireless and Mobile Communications

The modern human being has a need to exchange information at any time and in any place of the world. Nowadays, every person carries some kind of wireless mobile telecommunication device, such as a smart phone or a tablet computer. In order to make the human life easier, there is also a need of communication between different devices, without human interaction, such as wireless sensor devices, which are deployed throughout the living environment.

Massive use of wireless and mobile devices is possible only if a wireless telecommunication infrastructure of the latest generation is deployed throughout a given territory. The existence of such an infrastructure has a strategic importance for the development of the information society of every country, including the Republic of Macedonia.  Besides that, the radio frequency spectrum is an important factor in any economy based on electronic communications  – so called “wireless economy”, which is stimulated by the development of the new mobile services, broadband wireless internet access and digital broadcasting.

This study program enables the potential candidates to get a profound knowledge of modern wireless and mobile communication systems,  line of sight systems, terrestrial and satellite systems, mobile cellular systems, optical communication systems, microwave systems, and information communication technologies in general.

The future graduate will have an opportunity for a successful career as a member of a team, developer, researcher, or consultant in a state or private, domestic or foreign company, organization or establishment  in the field of telecommunications, information and communication technology, business, transport, electronics, control, energy, mechanical engineering, medicine, ecology, etc. Also, she/he will be able to get an employment in various educational and/or research institutions.













I Semester
Mandatory courses
CodeTitleECTSNo of classes per weekTotal necessary time (hours)
ФЕИТ10013Advanced Wireless Communications63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10012Advanced wireless and mobile networks63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10019Radio mobile communications63+0+0+3180
 Elective course 163+0+0+3180
 Elective course 263+0+0+3180
Elective courses
CodeTitleECTSNo of classes per weekTotal necessary time (hours)
ФЕИТ10001Wireless multimedia networks63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10025Design and implementation of telecommunication services63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10004Design of telecommunication networks63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10005Experimental and development platforms in telecommunications63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10008Cooperative Communications63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10009Мanagement of multimedia networks and services63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10014Advanced Internet technologies63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10015Advanced telecommunications networks63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10017OFDM and MIMO Technologies for Broadband Systems and Standards63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10018Application of optimization methods in wireless communications63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10020Reconfigurable networks63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10021Simulation of Telecommunications Systems63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10022Next Generation Optical Networks63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10023Software Defined Networking63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10026Statistical signal and array processing63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10028Communication Protocol Engineering63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10029Teletraffic engineering and network planning63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10030Information Theory63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10031Coding theory and security communications63+0+0+3180
ФЕИТ10032Research techniques applied in telecommunications63+0+0+3180





II Semester
Mandatory courses
CodeTitleECTSNumber of classes per weekTotal necessary time (hours)
ФЕИТ00Master thesis200+0+0+20600
Elective courses
ФЕИТ11Research project in the field of Wireless and Mobile Communications60+0+0+6180
 Elective course from the UKIM list of available courses42+0+0+2120
Total 302+0+0+28900
Suggested elective courses from the UKIM list    
ФЕИТ201Innovation and Transfer of Technologies42+0+0+2120
ФЕИТ202Strategic Planning for Telecom and Internet Innovations42+0+0+2120
ФЕИТ203Applied Support Schemes for Renewables and Energy Efficiency42+0+0+2120